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Clinical Consulting & Coaching Services

Clear Aligner Digital set-up, Consulting and Coaching Services

Would you like to achieve excellent and predictable outcomes for your patients? Many doctors are accredited to use various aligner systems do either do not have the time or the support to work up their cases using the different softwares for Invisalign, Clear Correct, Insignia, Indirect set up, etc.

These services are meant to make your life easier and give you that confidence to treat your patients to a great smile predictably, with a specialist orthodontist mentoring, opinion and experience.


Boss Coaching Course Levels

  • One-on-one Virtual Coaching (per case)

    “This is for doctors who want support for digital case set-ups using Invisalign or Clear Correct but also want to learn how to do their own in the future.”

    Best used for beginners of clear aligners therapy , Insignia users or for advanced users in complex situations. Not suitable for direct bonded fixed appliances.

    Dr. Katyal will spend one-on-one time and share her tips, experience, and know-how to help raise your level of knowledge and patient outcomes. She will also help with case selection prior to starting a case.
    Once Payment is arranged.
    Access to your Invisalign / Clear Correct Doctor Site.
    Patient photographs and X-rays through the doctor site or via email
    1 video conference/orientation for an hour (can be split in two halves)
    Whats included in Level 2 services?
    Email access to Dr Katyal for all case-related questions from attachments to IPR, clinical techniques to tips. No question is silly. This does not include refinements or future access for the case. Refinements/progress coaching can be accessed via Level 1 service after the case has started with Level 2 service.
    How it works?
    You have full control of the all approval and set-up. Dr Katyal will simply set up the case based on recent advances in clear aligner evidence and mechanics and her own clinical experience as a Specialist Orthodontist with a 95% aligner treatment workload.

    Please allow about 2 weeks for a full case set up. Simpler cases may not require the full 2 weeks. Fess are structured irrespective of complexity of cases.

    There are no ongoing contracts or hidden fees.You will have access to Dr Katyal’s notes to the technician, and additional clinical pearls as a document included at the this level.

    $500.00$2,250.00 + GST

  • BOSS Club

    $7,800.00 + GST for 1 year

    + my cart
  • Boss Alumni


    + my cart
  • Boss Alumni+

    $2,000.00 + GST

    + my cart
Follow these easy steps to sign up for Boss Coaching Services
Step 1: Prepare
Read all information on Coaching page, including disclaimers and watch the coaching video. Create staff user access for BOSS to Invisalign portal as per coaching step by step guide.
Step 2: Registration & Payment
Choose Level 1 or 2 and submit online order.
Step 3: Summarise
Complete the case assessment form and add all records to Dropbox as per coaching step-by-step guide or email all material in a PowerPoint document and email directly to:
Step 4: Acknowledgement
Receive acknowledgement from us within 2 business days.
Step 5: Completion
Expect coaching completion within 7-14 business days from date of complete record submission. Please note there may be a delay of up to 21 business days. We will keep you informed if there will be a delay with as much notice as possible.


BDS (Syd), MScMed (Syd), DClinDent (Adel) MRACDS, MOrth RCSEd Australian Orthodontic Board Certified 2014-16
Dr Vandana Katyal is an Australian certified Specialist Orthodontist based in North Shore (Sydney) suburb of Mosman and Sydney CBD. She is highly experienced in delivering the latest, most efficient and most comfortable invisible orthodontic treatments. She is also Head Lecturer for Best Orthodontic Seminars & Session.


Disclaimer for BOSS Coaching Services Level 1 & 2

  1. You, as the treating dentist are responsible for the final diagnosis, treatment plan and clinical treatment. Hence you have the final say before any appliance approval.
  2. Best Orthodontic Seminars and Sessions will keep all your patient details confidential and will not release such material in any public forum or area, unless permission has been granted by you or it is deidentified information.
  3. Your doctor login details for various orthodontic treatment planning portals will only be accessed when required and will be securely stored for use during the term of our services. These details can be destroyed in our system upon request and will not be released to any third parties.
  4. The information collected by Best Orthodontic Seminars & Sessions during our consulting and coaching services may be used to improve our services and released as de-identified data for future research/publications.
  5. Please allow up to 2 weeks to complete a digital set-up and provide all relevant information such as patients age, concerns and expectations. Please also provide your diagnosis and treatment plan, including any elastic wear or attachment preferences.
  6. Once all patient photographs and radiographs are uploaded to your doctor portal, please create the initial digital set up as per your preferences.
  7. Email with your patient details and request and provide all details as per above. BEST TO EMBED ALL IN A POWERPOINT OR KEYNOTE PRESENTATION. Dropbox links can be shared to
  8. All coaching services are one time use only and do not include further monitoring or access, unless you are an annual BOSS member and offered complimentary coaching as per your enrolment.
  9. Single and Multi cases purchases for Level 1 and Level 2 are non refundable, and without an expiry date. They are non transferable at practitioner level but can be used by a group practice for employed providers within the practice.
  10. This service can be used for fixed appliances and mixed dentition treatments as well. You will receive a written report and suggested treatment options including some information on any mechanics and clinical tips that may be required.
  11. Further information on Level 1 and Level 2 services and the process can be found on our website.
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What People Are Saying

  • I completed the BOSS UK Diploma in 2021 and when it became available, signed up for the AU course as well. I completed the AU course at the end of last year and can honestly say BOSS (now Digital Orthodontic College) has completely changed my approach to clear aligner treatments and increased my confidence with treatment planning immensely. The fact that the course is 100% online was a huge drawcard for me initially since I have two young children, work clinically part-time and run my own business. It allowed me the flexibility to study when I had the chance and didn’t result in any loss of clinical time. Dr V is extremely passionate about orthodontics and more importantly sharing her wisdom and that comes through in her approach to teaching. The course is extremely comprehensive (NB: the AU course has quite a few complex assessments) and covers everything starting from the basics of tooth movement, which sets a good foundation and is therefore suitable even for beginners. The monthly/bimonthly webinars allow students to share cases and is a safe space, non-judgmental and therefore an incredible learning platform. I had been doing clear aligner treatments prior to starting this course, but BOSS helped me see patients with new eyes and has overhauled my treatment planning approach. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone interested in learning, or to extend their knowledge about, clear aligner treatments.

    Thank you so much Dr V!

    Dr Lora Banicevic, Dentist NSW
  • The Australian accredited 10905NAT Graduate Diploma of Digital Orthodontic Treatment offers comprehensive training in the field, gives the candidate the opportunity to do things in a self-paced manner, while getting a personalised 1-on-1 learning experience with Dr Vandana Katyal. It was an excellent choice for me and gave me the flexibility to get the well-designed training done in my own time frame. I would strongly recommend the course to any practitioners who is looking to upskill themselves with a no-compromise high quality course, while also having to juggle between busy practices and family schedules.

    Dr Charles Sun, Dentist WA
  • I started this course unsure of how much I would benefit. The in-person lectures were fantastic (although the course is now 100% online) where I made good friends and learned a lot. The online resources are extensive and second to none, accessible at your convenience. The webinars were great – usually with the right mix of teaching, cases demonstrated and the attendees’ cases being discussed. I was also invited to deliver a webinar on intra-oral scanners, 3D printers and in house aligner manufacturing (from a dentist’s point of view) – which I enjoyed.
    Most of all the course gave significantly more confidence what can be done with aligners, how plan the setup efficiently with the end in mind and how to make the processes to get there smoother. As a result, a MUCH larger chunk of my work is now aligner based. My conversion rate for aligner treatments has definitely increased along with my confidence. The course has easily paid for itself. Full disclosure: I was invited to deliver a webinar on intra-oral scanners, 3D printers and in house aligner manufacture to my BOSS batch mates, which I also thoroughly enjoyed doing. I declined any remuneration for this, although it was offered.
    Dr Shammi Moopen, Dentist VIC
  • Since I have joined the postgraduate diploma in orthodontics I have noticed all the applied practical learning/knowledge on my patients and I am only half way through the year. Dr Vandana is a genuine educator. She goes way beyond to simplify every lecture and I really like her evidence based information and that is available for us 24/7. Her webinars helped a lot for busy dentists and loved the feedback we get in the one on one sessions with our cases. It make us think every step of the way. But the best thing I like is to see she is giving back to the community and her association with Smile Train in helping children with cleft palate is just beyond words. Thank you so much for being nice and approachable.

    Dr Claudia Braybon, Dentist NSW
  • Received my Diploma in Digital Orthodontics from BOSS and couldn’t be more stoked! Huge shout out to Dr Vandana Katyal and the BOSS team for a wonderful year. I would recommend BOSS to every dentist no matter their level of experience with Orthodontics and clear aligners. Starting off with barely any orthodontic experience, I have commenced about 9 cases in the matter of months and BOSS gave me the confidence to predictably deliver results for my patients through clear aligners which are the future of modern orthodontics.
    Dr Sarang Sathe, Dentist NSW
  • I chose Boss’s clear aligner diploma because I wanted to know the latest evidence based practice to enhance my treatment planning and case execution. I now have a much better understanding of how to diagnose, what movements can be done and what will get me into trouble. The flexible nature of the course delivery also fit perfectly into full time work and my otherwise packed schedule. The monthly case presentation webinars are also great to not only get feedback from Dr Katyal, but also to validate your own thoughts self-assess and see how you are tracking with your learning.

    Dr Gregory Nguyá»…n, Dentist NSW

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